The Colors of the Dogo Canario

The breed comes in 2 allowed colors, all with various shade allowances.

The Fawns

Fawns range from deep rich golden to very light blonde neutral grey.

Presa Canario Light Fawn

Presa Canario Grey Fawn

light fawn

grey fawn

Presa Canario Red Fawn

Presa Canario Dark Red fawn

red fawn

dark red fawn

The Brindles

Brindles can range from very deep dark brown to a very light or blonde neutral grey. Stripes may be of very heavy or very light intensity.

Presa Canario Fawn Brindle Minimal Striping

Presa Canario Fawn Brindle Heavy Striping

brindle fawn with very minimal striping

brindle fawn with heavy striping

Presa Canario Brindle Grey Light

Presa Canario Brindle Grey Dark

brindle grey light

brindle grey dark

Presa Canario Luey

Presa Canario Coe

brindle black (bardino)

brindle black heavy striping (bardino)

Presa Canario Brindle Golden Minimal Striping
brindle golden minimal striping
Presa Canario Brindle Gold Medium Striping
brindle golden medium striping
Presa Canario Brindle Gold Heavy Striping
brindle golden heavy striping
Presa Canario Coat Color Verdino

The Colors that do not exist

There are many color patterns, mostly seen in the USA that the Dogo Canario does not come in. These colors are not faulted or undesirable colors, they do not exist in the breed. Dogs of this color pattern are of mixed breeding and showing influence of that through more than just their color.

Presa Canario Rottweiler Color

solid white

black and tan - Rottweiler colors

Presa Canario Blue Coat

Presa Canario Liver and White

blue or steel grey

liver and white