Rear & Feet

The hindquarters are powerful, straight and parallel. Very muscular and long thighs, the muscle reaching to the hocks. Unpronounced angulation. Hocks are always low and are neither cow or sickle. Cat feet with toes slightly longer than the front.

Correct rear. Thighs are well muscled and coming down to the hocks. Hocks are parallel.

Cow hocked

Presa Canario Cow Hocked

Sickle hocked


Correct rear leg muscle. Long, flat and smooth.

Incorrect rear leg muscle. Double muscled and short. Ends before the hock. Atypical.

Correct rear muscle from the side. Wide, flat and long.

Incorrect rear muscle from the side. Thin, double muscled and short. Atypical.

Presa Canario Correct Angulation
Correct rear angulation
Presa Canario Straight Stiffles
No rear angulation - incorrect

The breed is cat footed with toes that are well rounded. Thick dark pads. Dark nails. White nails should be avoided.

Correct- Cat foot. Foot is rounded and toes are compact and tightly knuckled.

Incorrect- Rabbit foot. Foot is flat with toes spread out. Middle toes much longer than ends. Pasterns are weak and angulated.

Atypical- not cat footed. Feet turn outward. Toes splayed. Nails white. Pasterns narrow.

East West Feet and Weak Pasterns

Structural defect - East/West feet and 
weak pasterns.